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Useful things to ask

You need to be sure about the home you are looking at - the advert is useful but this may be your new home. Ask as many questions as you can without asking the same things over and over. Make a list of the questions in advance and tick them off as answered before you make the decision to go ahead with an Exchange.

Make a list of all of the things you want to cover.

Here is a list of common things you could ask, some of them may be in the advert so you could check them off early:

1. How many bedrooms?
2. How much is rent?
3. Quality of local schools?
4. What is the parking like?
5. Transport links?
6. Distance to the nearest station or bus stop?
7. What is the neighbourhood like?
8. Are the neighbours helpful?
9. Size of garden?
10. Is it a private or shared garden?
11. Is the local community active?
12. Are their shops nearby?
13. Where are they?
14. Does the type of heating suit you?
15. Whats the decor like?
16. When would the move suit you both?
17. What are they taking taking with them?
18. What is the landlord like?

Consider the condition of the property you are interested in and to have the current tenant arrange for their landlord to undertake any outstanding repairs before you move.

Be sure to ask about anything provided by the outgoing tenant, and not the Landlord as they not be maintained. If you accept them you may have to sign a form to say you accept responsibility to look after them yourself. Examples could be mixer taps, carpets, curtains or gas fires.