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What should I say

What should I take into account when viewing a property?

Remember, you need to be sure about a property - after all it is potentially going to be your new home. Make as many appointments as you need, including weekends and evenings, before you make the decision to go ahead with a move.

Another thing to take into account is the cost of moving - not just for removals but for furniture, soft furnishings, repairs etc.

Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to check the condition of the home you are moving to and to have the current tenant arrange for their landlord to undertake outstanding repairs before you move.

Before you visit a property, make a checklist of all your priorities. These could include:
How much is the rent
Tenure type
Is there a right to acquire?
•Number of bedrooms
•What are the local schools like?
•Is there allocated parking? If not, is it easy to park?
•Are transport links good?
•How far is it to the nearest station/bus stop?
•Location, location, location - in fact, have a good walk around the neighbourhood you're thinking of settling in. Those well spent ten minutes can be very enlightening.
•What are the neighbours like?
•Consider garden size (private or shared), paths, fences etc.
•What's going on in the local community?
•Amenities - where are the nearest shops?
•Does the type of heating suit you?
•Amount of decoration you're prepared to put up with
•When would the current residents want to move?
•What do the current residents plan to take with them?
•What will your new landlord be like?

Be sure about what is involved. If there are fittings that have been provided by the outgoing tenant, they may not have been provided by the Landlord and therefore not maintained by them. Find out if you're responsible for these items such as mixer taps or non-electrical shower units, carpets and curtains.