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Creating your Advert

When creating your advert be careful to plan what you want to say and prepare any pictures beforehand so that you can get the best possible results. Take care to gather the necessary information for each aspect of the property so you have it to hand when creating your showpiece advert.

Ensure you have good quality photos of your property that are not more than 1MB in size. Before you take the photographs, you may want to tidy the rooms and ensure that no clutter can be seen. You may want to try and take the photographs when it is sunny so that your home looks at its best. Think of short, meaningful captions for each photograph, such as "Bedroom 1".

Example Advert

Advert Contents
Make sure all of the details within the advert are correct and that the explanations and statements are true. Potential "exchangers" are relying on your information to give them a very clear picture of your property in their minds. Remember, first impressions are crucial.

Update Advert Details
If you think of new things to add to your advert you should update the advert. If you have new photo's of different rooms you should add or change the ones you have and try to keep it fresh for new exchangers coming onto the system.